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Privacy Policy

When you visit our website, we collect information about you using cookies. This information is collected solely to enable the customization and optimization of our website.

However, you can easily avoid our collection of information. You can ensure this by deleting cookies on your computer and refusing to continue using our website. In the following, we will elaborate and specify what information and information are collected, their purpose, and which partners have access.

1. The information we collect

We do not collect sensitive personal information, but merely traffic data, such as IP address, browser types, operating systems, search activities, visit times, and your domain name. The data we collect is not personal and cannot be traced back to you as an individual.

The data is thereby anonymous and based on which pages on the website you visit, which services you buy, and with which posts you interact.
The purpose of the collection is to be able to analyze the traffic on the website. It allows us to optimize our service and thereby satisfy our customers in the best possible way.

2. The use of cookies

At, we use cookies for the purposes mentioned above. A cookie is, in short, a small text file that is stored in your browser so that we can recognize your computer on return visits.

There is no personal information stored in our cookies, and they do not contain viruses. We make use of tracking cookies, as these enable us to create personalized content, through which we can achieve a more targeted marketing effort.

The information we collect is processed and analyzed exclusively in Google Analytics and is solely general information such as gender, age, and geography. We only share this information with our external media agency.

2.1 How you delete cookies

If you want to avoid the use of cookies, you can always delete them from your browser. Just follow these instructions:

2.2 The use of cookies at

As described, we use cookies to be able to customize and target our communication. We collect general information that doesn't identify you as a private user but gives us an overview of our customer group. In summary, we use the information for the following:
Monitoring the website's performance and your use of our website
Approval and improvement of the functionality of our website
Studies and analyses aimed at improving our products, services, and technologies.
Facebook and Instagram activity, so that we can measure the numbers and statistics that come from this medium and thereby target ads based on these.


For us to provide the service we offer, it is a necessity that we can collect data via contact forms, e-mail, and telephone. We collect the following data:

Phone number


We collect customer data to keep track of our inquiries. The data we collect in connection with inquiries about our services is stored securely.

We store the data on an encrypted computer that has installed both antivirus software and firewall. Only the management of italo armone design studio has access to handle this data.

Upon request, you can quickly get the data deleted. If you do not submit a request, we erase the data automatically after five years from the first registration.

We only store the information to which you have given your consent. We do not store any personally sensitive data.

Contact our DPO for the deletion of information or other GDPR-related inquiries.

Data Protection Operator:

4. Third parties and personal information

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, personal information refers to all kinds of personally identifiable information. When you use our website, we process and collect this type of information. This happens, for example, if you fill out our contact form.

To specify which information we collect and process, it is information about your IP number, geographical location, a unique ID, and technical information about your computer. Furthermore, we collect data on which pages and subpages you use.

4.1 These parties have access to the data

The data we collect about you can be viewed and accessed by employees of italo armone design studio. We share your personal information with third parties in some contexts:

If you have given your consent, we will share your information with external partners. We sometimes share your information in connection with IT-development, hosting, support, and marketing.
To the extent necessary, we pass on your information to external accountants and auditors.

4.2 We store your data for this long

We store the information for the period prescribed by law. We delete the information again when it is no longer needed to provide the service we need to provide. We store the data as long as you continue to interact with italo armone design studio.

If you are a customer of italo armone design studio, we store your information following the Financial Statements regulations.

4.3 How to regret your consent

You can always unsubscribe from information from italo armone design studio. If you unsubscribe, we will no longer monitor your behavior on our website.

If you want to cancel your consent, you can write directly to us at:

4.4 How to obtain data or be deleted from our system

If you want to receive the data, we store about you, contact us at It also applies if you wish to delete your information from italo armone design studio's systems permanently. We will accommodate your request as soon as possible and no later than after 30 days.

4.5 How to contact us for further information

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you are always welcome to contact us at

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